Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama Closing Gitmo

This morning, new President Barack Obama called for a suspension of trials at Gitmo.

To be honest, I was a Michigan voter, I didn't get the chance to vote for Obama in the primaries. My vote went to Dodd. I worked for a labor union that endorsed Senator Clinton during the primaries, and, as part of my professional obligations, I worked in Indiana on her campaign. This is a wholly separate story, but rural Indiana was going for Hillary anyway.

But then I saw the Yes We Can video for the first time, and I understood the movement of the Obama Nation. I did not work on his campaign, except for occassionally helping my office put together a few yard signs, and post a few blogs and articles. I did not stomp for him, and I did not put my whole life aside for his campaign. I could have done more, and many have and will continue to argue that I should have.

My response has and will continue to be that I am a young, white liberal. I came to DC as an idealist. This was never my campaign. I cannot and will not claim it as my own. There are millions of people who worked harder, risked more and struggled longer than I can even know, who deserved to be out there at the inaugural speech, and at the inaugural balls. I was in DC, and I watched it on the Internet, drank a bottle of wine and jumped up with joy when he mentioned "non-believers" in his speech. And I was optimistic, too.

Cautiously optimistic, like so many have described themselves. Then, this morning, as I drank my coffee and checked my news alerts, I remembered Obama's pledge to close Gitmo. Here, now, a politician keeping his word. In an era of Blagojevich, Cheney, Rumsfield and our beloved finally ex-president George W. Bush, how refreshing to have someone keep a promise.

Congratulations to the Obama campaigners, stompers and movers, and congratulations to the new Obama administration. With so much work ahead, this is an encouraging first step.


Bebella said...

I thought of you at that same moment when he said "non-believers"...when he started saying "Christians, Muslims...." I was hoping he would mention non-believers. Obama always seems to deliver when I hope he will.

Lol, I was looking for you out in the crowds too, wondering if you were out there, but you were probably smart to stay home!

LBG said...

um. totally. finally...someone who on DAY ONE did something they committed to. it makes me want to be honest and trustworthy. that what leading by example actually looks like?

btw - my word verification for this comment is "cootin". haha.

Tyler S said...

Check it. Gitmo and other secret prisons closed within the year.