Thursday, March 25, 2010

TeaParty Foul

Great post at Feministe about the Tea Party - not only the GOP's acceptance of violence, racism, homophobia, but also the media coverage that allows the extreme views of the party to have equal weight with the rest of the world.

I commend my friends and some of the bloggers out there who are writing about times when the GOP wasn't so hateful, when you didn't have to go ape-shit about every little thing your party believed. But honestly, am I the only one who feels like we should be fighting fire with fire? The left is supposed to be the side with grassroots organizing skills. Why aren't we making massive steps to battle the Tea Partiers, and creating some balance in the war of the extremes? Are we that disappointed in Obama's neglect of ENDA, gay marriage and immigration, that we're willing to sit back while the Sarah Palin's of the world focus their rifles on the political seats of the left?