Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Andy Stern Retiring

It's not official yet, but speculation has been fueled, by a wayward email, that Andy Stern is retiring from the top position of SEIU.

Whether you like Andy Stern or not, the best part of this news is in the potential candidates for his spot - They're both women, and either one would be the first woman to run SEIU.

Anna Burger, current Secretary-Treasurer for SEIU, came from the ground up, and is frequently named to "most powerful women" lists. According to her SEIU profile, she is invested in immigration reform and women's health.

Mary Kay Henry, current International Executive Vice President, may be the most interesting candidate, in that she comes from a Catholic background, and founded SEIU's Lavender Caucus for LGBT union members.

I'll wait for the official comments to come out for more information, but the idea of SEIU getting its first female president makes me inspired on such a deep level that I'm borderline giddy today.

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