Friday, November 7, 2008

The Obama Nation

Congratulations to all those who worked so hard, I know many of you, but even more exciting is that I don't know so many more.

Let's hope that the change we've demanded for the last two years manifests in the white house.

Now for the local issues:
Michigan -- Way to redeem yourself from banning affirmative action and gay marriage in recent years. Stem cell research and medical marijuana passed with flying colors.

Jennifer Granholm getting picked for Obama's transition team
-- Thoughts? I'm not sure on this one.

California -- Really? Animal rights, thank you, but over human rights? The ban on gay marriage passed, while the restriction on animal cages (making the current battery cage standards illegal) passed.

Other things to watch:
*Rumor has it that ConAgra announced an interim CEO, and is on the search for a new permanent one.
*Rahm Emanuel named Obama's Chief of Staff.
*Wal-Mart sales have skyrocketed amidst market troubles, and they are opening 4 smaller "Marketplace" stores in Arizona, a trial run of the small-town venue they'll likely expand upon in the upcoming years.

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