Thursday, November 20, 2008

Waxman Fits the Description

California Democrat Henry Waxman was voted in as the Energy & Commerce Committee Chair in the House today. The 137-122 vote ousted Michigan Dem. John Dingell from the position. As a Michigan native, I have met and personally like Congressman Dingell, but this is an appropriate move. As the trifecta of crises (economic, food, energy) sweeps our way, the House must have an environmentalist willing to take bold action against global warming, while creating jobs in alternative energy.

Now, perhaps instead of handing $25 billion to Rick Wagoner for a failing business plan, the Obama-led government can offer a $25 billion grant to discontinue SUVs (since there's zero demand, ahem) and use the human resources they already have to build an innovative light-rail system for Detroit.

Where were you on that one, Dingell? Let's hope Waxman responds to letters with helpful policy suggestions.

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