Saturday, April 25, 2009

Housing Market Research

I promised myself I wouldn't write a blog about the housing market, but here I am. I'll try to make it interesting, at least.

Tyler and I are looking to buy a house. Well, I'm looking. He's sweating, biting his nails, rubbing his beard thoughtfully and setting budgets. I, on the other hand, am panting over gardens and finished basements.

And WHY you may ask? Why are we thinking about this when we've got 7 months left in our lease, two insanely stressful jobs and no plans to stay in this area for longer than 5 years? Probably because our rent is so balls-effing high. In fact, our current rent is 25% higher than many of the houses on the market right now!

With the so-called "Zone of Sanity" nowhere near where we want to live (hint, hint, that's why your housing market didn't crash!) and Unemployment rates making everyone a little skittish... we're in a screwed-screwed situation.

Furthermore, when did we start having these grown-up worries? I think it's part of this DC culture. It makes more sense financially to buy so now we're worried about the housing market. It makes more sense financially to work hard for a few years to make a name for yourself, so we commute and we work long hours to make our year-end bonus. All this when in an ideal world, we'd both be cherry farming bloggers!

What's your "ideal world" fantasy? Can we really make it happen? Can just anyone live their fantasy, or by the nature of global society, do we sacrifice our dreams for the inner-workings of the market economy? Any thoughts, blog readers?


Megan Renee said...

Oh my god you are buying a house?!?

Michelle O'Brien said...

Probably not, but we are thinking of leasing one instead of renting an apartment. We'll see. Taxes are a big factor in the decision.